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How to Get Sharper Images

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How to Batch Process in Lightroom

Save time in Lightroom by batch editing. Here is a quick how to tutorial . .

lightroom tutorials

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How to Install Presets and Brushes into Lightroom

Technology is always changing so it is no shocker that if you have updated to the latest version of Lightroom's 2018 CC version, you may have noticed . . .
lightroom winter presets
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Free Action Mix For CS2-CS6 Creative Cloud & PSE

So we having been going through some folders and we stumbled upon some actions we created several years ago. I went back over them, updated them and was really digging the results I was getting from them so I wanted to share the love. Click the link below to see what I created with them. I've shared the photos and a quick video demonstration. Follow along and test it yourself on my S.O.O.C. image, or one of your own. Have fun!

-Jackie Jean

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4 Tips for Shooting Backlight Portraits

The best way to achieve good backlighting at any time of the day is to . . . how to do backlight photography

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10 Tips for a Traveling Photographer

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5 Tips for Better Portraits

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10 Photographer Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Big

10 Common Photographer Mistakes

Are you making these mistakes with your photography?

1. Multiple Personalities

Are you a portrait or a wedding photographer, but your portfolio has portraits, headshots, commercial, architecture, pet photography and more? Here is why that is a bad idea.

It's frustrating for the site visitor who likely came to your site because they are in the market for one type of photographer. Not only does this turn off and turn away site visitors but it also devalues your brand. It also makes it more difficult for your customer to establish rapport and a connection with you and your content. 
Remember this specialist command a higher price. When you have all sorts of photography in your portfolio it makes you appear to the visitor as a non-specialist.
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The Bokeh Effect and a Free Bokeh Overlay

Bokeh focuses the attention on a particular area of an image as it blurs out all but . . .

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What are Actions and Presets?

What are lightroom presets and photoshop actions?

Have you ever wondered what presets and actions are? Or the difference between them and what they do to your images? Have you ever thought to yourself there has to be a faster and easier way to edit your pictures? 

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