ShopTalk Lightroom Presets

These creative presets will not only keep your workflow fast and easy, but give your images that perfect touch. There are a total of FORTY-FIVE presets in this awesome collection.

Currently Compatible with Lightroom 4 & Up.

23 BW Presets Including: RagamuffinBW, BeesKneesBW, RagamuffinBWforHaze, HeavyContrast

BeesKnees BW, BWTone I, II, III, LIghtnBrightBWI & II, SimpleBW I,II,III

22 Color Presets - BeesKnees Color, Boss, Boss with Light, Snazzy, Keen, CoolBlue, Contrast, Mint, Peachy, Retro, Filmy I&II, Jubilee, Sweet, Swanky, Swanky w/less Contrast, Sleek, Simple Color I-III, Retro Haze, Subtle Light Kick, Subtle Bright Kicker

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